There are places you don't want steering problems to occur: Your car, your plane, and your cruise ship holding thousands of people. But yesterday, the Crown Princess cruise ship tilted so far to one side that over 60 people were injured (2 critically, 16 seriously). The ship, which had left the Brooklyn cruise terminal last week for the 9-day Western Caribbean cruise (and was on its way back to NYC), had just left Port Canaveral in Florida when somehow the computer steering system caused the malfunction. Passengers panicked, and a city firefighter told the Daily News, "There was no doubt in my mind that the boat was going under," while another city resident told the AP, "People who were in the pool were shoved out." But worse is probably that the ship's captain "sounded terrified" while speaking on the PA system.

Princess Cruises is reimbursing passengers for the trip, plus the cost of their travel from Florida back home. But overall, to paraphrase Martha Stewart (who christened the ship in June, this is not a good thing - who wants a 113,000 ton cruise ship falling to one side?