Minutes after the MTA announced its decision regarding the impending Full L Train Manhattan Shutdown Armageddon-The-Ferry, the MTA gave commuters a sobering, fiery taste of what life will be like for those who rely on the L to get between Brooklyn and Manhattan in 2019. Due to an "incident" at the First Avenue L Station, Manhattan-bound service on the L was suspended during the Monday morning rush. Because of course.

The MTA announced the disruption, caused by "NYPD activity at First Avenue" shortly after 9:15 a.m., just 15 minutes after announcing that the L line between Brooklyn and Manhattan will be completely shut down for 18 months starting in 2019, to allow for necessary repairs to the Sandy-damaged tunnel under the East River. All Manhattan L train stations will also be closed during this project. Everyone might as well get used to it now.

Service has since resumed, but with those lovely residual delays. Things weren't so great on the M/J lines either, with rejected L train commuters fleeing to the Marcy Ave station, where the line just to get up onto the Manhattan-bound platform stretched down along Broadway.

And according to one tipster, many of those who tried to catch the 9:52 ferry at North 6th Street weren't able to fit on the boat, with at least 50 souls left behind on the forgotten edge a desolate Williamsburg, a once-mighty neighborhood now staring into a frigid abyss of brutal isolation and chaos.

L train survivor Todd Wiseman Jr. bears witness. (Todd Wiseman Jr.)

The Bedford Avenue Whole Foods opens tomorrow, and the Apple Store opens across the street a few days after that, but no matter, all is lost. Only that inflatable East River condom tunnel can save Williamsburg now.

(Gonzalo Cruz, Xiaofei Shen, and Garrett Avery, Rayana Hossain)