Sure, Curbed covers real estate, but it's high-falutin real estate (see $20 million loft), but Gothamist is here to tell you what real New Yorkers do for apartments: They dress up as their mothers for $170/month public housing. It's sort of like Big Momma's House meets Bosom Buddies, with a twist of Green Card. Authorities busted cross-dressing Michael Jones for impersonating his mother, who died four years ago. Other family members who lived in the apartment can usually stay in the apartment, but Jones was banned from NYCHA buildings for drug-related activities. The Daily News thinks the Housing Authority shoud have figured out something was up when "a bearded man in women's clothes showed up at the management office last year claiming to be Carol Jones," but they only found out when cross checking residents against death certificates. A neighbor said, "If you need a place to stay, you have to do what you have to do. He's a nice person. He dresses as a woman."