Three men shot a 64-year-old in Queens in an attempt to steal his new flatscreen television on Black Friday — but the 47-inch TV wouldn't fit in their escape vehicle.

The crooks forced their way into Bentley White's home in Cambria Heights at around 8:30 am after watching the retired mason load a trailer with construction materials and an LG TV he was planning on bringing to his vacation home in Jamaica. The perps then shot White in the stomach, cut the phone lines and stole the cell phones from the house, and tried to flee with the TV. But they couldn't get it into the car. "I saw three guys fumbling with a box outside by the lamppost," said neighbor Dudley Young, 63. "I saw them fighting over it. The box was on the side of their car and then they just left it."

The victim had surgery and is in stable condition. A relative named Chris told the Post he had no idea why anyone would shoot White. "What can a TV like that be valued on the street?" he asked. "[Bentley] wouldn’t resist. He wouldn’t hurt a fly. He’s harmless. This is just a senseless thing."