NY Jet Antonio Cromartie really wants the public to know that he doesn't have trouble naming his eight children under the age of five. He seemed to struggle over the kids' names during this week's episode of Hard Knocks (see video)—one is described"my daughter who just turned three"—but he tells the Post, "Nah, I didn’t have trouble. I mean, they asked me to pause. I had nailed it the one time before, but they had to redo it and they just told me to pause between each one of [the names].”

Cromartie's children are by at least six women and he's faced paternity suits. An HBO spokesperson says, “I spoke to the director and everyone involved, and this scene was done in one take," and adds, "The show is factual, it’s real, and it’s not manufactured." This was only the second episode of the documentary; the first episode featured coach Rex Ryan cursing up a storm, prompting him to apologize to his mother but not Tony Dungy (though Ryan did chat with Dungy, who agreed to visit the Jets during practice).