As June draws to a close with three bicyclist fatalities and one bicyclist injury, there will also be a Critical Mass ride tonight. The ride will start at 7PM at Union Square tonight, and Times Up points out that at last month's ride, two police vehicles swerved in front of a group of riders and an officer 'doored' a cyclist who was riding in the bike lane along Broadway, breaking her collarbone." And then the police went to the hospital to give the victim multiple tickets. We wonder how the police will handle tonight's ride, after with questionable driving and street conditions at the heart of the accidents.

And last night was the memorial bike ride for Dr. Carl Nacht, Derek Lake, and Donna Goodson, who were died when a vehicle hit them while riding their bikes in three separate incidents. And according to AMNY, the Department of Transportation says they are working on a new bike motorist safety campaign.

Photograph of a car blocking the bike lane from seth holladay on Flickr