Tomorrow night will be the first staredown between bicyclists and the NYPD since the Critical Mass bike protest right before the Republican National Convention. The late August ride turned into an anti-Bush ride, and though it was generally peaceful, police arrested over 200 cyclists for blocking the streets. Now, bikers are claiming they will continue their effort to reclaim the streets from cars while the police will continue to crack down on riders. The Daily News reports the police as saying, "We're going to take a stance. It's in the interest of public safety that the bike riders comply with traffic regulations. After the number of bike riders the last time, it would be irresponsible of us not to act as a deterrent." A volunteer for Times Up!, a NYC bike/environmental group, says in spite of other riders' fears of being arrest, "It's a celebration of what our city could look like when we promote bicycle riding as rational, nonpolluting transportation as opposed to automobiles." Gothamist suggests any riders take the number of the NYCLU just in case.

Critical Mass meets tomorrow night at Union Square North. And photoblogger Mike Epstein at Satan's Laundromat was one of the biking arrestees last go around. And related, Kryptonite is offering free locks to those whose locks are easily picked.