Yesterday, you might have noticed, was the last Friday of the month of August. That means, besides us being one week closer to the end of summer, that it is time for another Critical Mass Arrest Wrap Up!

Yesterday's Critical Mass led to 49 arrests (You don't know what CM is? Where have you been the past few years? Seriously? In brief, it's a 'take-back-the-streets' kind of thing where bikers meet up and bike together to promote alternative modes of transportation). As usual the cops doing the arresting were charging bikers with parading without a permit, disorderly conduct and obstructing traffic. The arrests took place in at least four locations: Astor Place, West 18th Street between Seventh and Eighth, West 34th and on Houston and Second. Gothamist actually saw one of the arrests on Houston and Second while getting out of the F and were immediately struck by the fact that there seemed to be five cops obstructing traffic, and making a public spectacle, in order to arrest one biker (if only we'd had our camera!). We just can't imagine that these monthly arrests can be good PR for the city. But that's us, what's your take on the whole Critical Mass issue?

Gothamist on Critical Mass plus our interview with Time's Up (the organization that helps promote CM) volunteer Matthew Roth.