PolitickerNY caught a seriously awkward moment at a City Council budget hearing between Councilwoman Letitia James (D-Brooklyn) and city budget director Mark Page: "Letitia James: Mr. Page, how was your Mother’s Day? And how is your mother? Mark Page: You know, my mother has been dead and buried for 10 years, and if you get off that subject, that would be more polite. James: So, I assume your Mother’s Day was a fine day. Page: It was what it was." Yikes! You can also see the video here. James's and Page's apparent animosity may stem from a March exchange; the Post reported, "sparks flew as the discussion about tax policy grew testy, eventually devolving into all-out class warfare." (James said changes to day-care funding would impact single-parent households; she "demanded to know if Page came from a single-family home, as she did, he threatened to leave.") At today's hearing, Page was also grilled on the Bloomberg administration's proposal to re-institute the tax on clothing and shoes under $110.