A man was arrested when he called the police to say he was being held up by someone who wanted his pot. Yes, even criminals want justice, even though they don't necessarily think another step ahead. The NY Post reports that Jean Mere (or Meme, we can't tell from the article) is now being held on $2,000 bail after this police account of Mere/Meme's complaint:

"I called the police because someone was trying to rob me of my marijuanaThat is my car and my marijuana. I was going to sell the marijuana."

So, then the police found 8 ounces of pot in his car.

And a Bronx man was charged with assault after he brought in his baby son to a hospital: His baby had a bullet wound in his knee, and the hospital staff called the police. Well, at least, the man brought the baby to be treated. But even though the police think it was accidental, should you really be handling your gun with your baby in the room?