Every good heist movie operates under a simple but counterintuitive premise, that the more impossible the job seems, the better likelihood it will succeed. Nobody expects an art thief to walk right up to a priceless Magritte masterpiece and steal it in broad daylight in front of armed guards, and what madman would deliberately attract the attention of the FBI in order to grab $640 million in bearer bonds from the vault at Nakatomi Plaza? By the same token, robbing the coffee cart directly outside NYPD headquarters is the sort of crime that's so crazy it just might not work.

Pilfering $26 from a coffee cart tip jar right under the NYPD's nose may be the stuff of thrilling Hollywood blockbusters, but it's not so easy without the help of computer generated imagery and Clive Owen. Have you watched The Inside Man recently? I kind of want to see it again, but I'm worried it won't hold up now that I know the ending. Anyway, great flick. Totally forgot Jodie Foster was in it!

Times reporter J. David Goodman was the first to report on today's incident outside 1 Police Plaza:

In a followup-tweet, Goodman advanced the story:

Cart worker Zikri Hodza, who estimates that 90% of his customers are cops, tells the Daily News that the suspect "reaches for the money and he starts to run. I look up and one of my regulars - he’s a detective - grabbed the guy. They were wrestling around, the money went flying everywhere."

Hodza helped a plainclothes NYPD lieutenant restrain the perp until uniformed officers got him into handcuffs, adding, "I know a couple holds." Police say the lieutenant sustained minor injuries to his hip and elbow, but declined medical attention. An NYPD spokesperson tells us the suspect's name is Jean Morillo, a 24-year-old Far Rockaway resident, and that he's been charged with assault on a police officer, petit larceny, and resisting arrest.

The $26 from the tip jar was immediately recovered, but NYPD brass still haven't realized that this was all merely a diversion to distract everyone while thieves tunneled under the building to steal the cops' precious barbecue.