Although some perceive it to be the worst neighborhood in NYC, Greenpoint is definitely not it. There are too many quaint coffee shops, for one thing. However, there has been a recent uptick in crimes around the area, and exasperated locals have decided to pitch in and help patrol the neighborhood by forming volunteer watch groups.

According to the News, residents met up at an emergency town hall meeting Tuesday night to discuss ideas on how to combat the crime wave. And about a dozen people volunteered for the "Block Watch" group to assist local police. “The police guy [94th Precinct Capt. James Ryan] is a good guy,” said Mark Nyburg, who has lived in Greenpoint for 35 years. “But you’ve got to watch out for yourselves as the neighborhood changes.”

Overall, rapes, murder, felony assaults and grand larcenies have increased nearly 10% this year compared to last year. There have been several high profile incidents, including terrifying home invasions, gunpoint robberies of band frontmen, transplant pistol-whippings.

At the meeting, Assemblyman Joe Lentol and Councilman Steve Levin both promised to write to NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly to ask for more officers. But residents are too on edge to wait on their hands—and many blame the recently opened 200 person shelter for the uptick. "Maybe I speak for myself, but I’m afraid," said one woman who described herself as a local business owner. "I’m afraid for everyone."