2007_01_milkcrate.jpgCrime occurs in all neighborhoods, but residents on Jane Street are surprised at a string of thefts in their Greenwich Village enclave. The NY Sun reports a concerned citizen fliered some doorways with the message, "Attention Neighbors: There is a Thief/Vandal Targeting Jane Street," alleging "two car break-ins, wheels stolen from another, and a front door with cracked glass." It's the end of the world!

However, the NYPD says only the stolen wheels (44 Jane Street) and broken front door (a break-in at 22 Jane Street) have been reported, and the heads of neighborhood associations say that these incidents are isolated and haven't worried others. We will say it's nice that residents are trying to alert each other. Do your neighbors try to warn you - or would you warn your neighbors?

And the film producer Jancy Ball whose tires were stolen last Thursday said that she found her Chevrolet HHR sitting on jacks and a milk crate. Yet another use for milk crates!