2005_07_pearlstreet.jpgA few strange deaths have been in the local news lately. For instance, more body parts of a Bronx woman have been found, a Harlem pastor found a nude woman was found dead, hanging upside from a pipe (her foot got stuck when she was trying to sneak into Mount Olive Church) and neighbors in Midwood are waiting to hear what the police have to say about the body of a woman found in a yard. And police have found blood in the cabin of the Connecticut man who went missing during his honeymoon cruise. The NY Press details a motley of lesser crimes, from bank robberies to neighborly disputes involving hammers. And this week's Village Voice Shelter column was a spooky reminder for Gothamist: Toni Schlesinger visited the Patrick O'Rourke's downtown loft - the loft that Camden Sylvia and Michael Sullivan disappeared from mysteriously in 1997. For a while, it was thought that their landlord had killed them for the $304 a month 1400-square foot apartment (the place is now rented out for $3200) but there was never enough evidence to charge him. The NYPD's still have missing persons information for Sylvia and Sullivan.

You can check weekly crime stats from the NYPD. And for crime news across the country, check out Blottered.