According to the latest NYPD statistics, crime is up 45% in Central Park this year—and drug arrests in the park are up 103%. Police have made 65 drug-related arrests this year, and have stepped up enforcement in the wooded areas of the park north of 106th Street. NYC Park Advocates spokesman Geoffery Croft told the Daily News, "It's always a big concern when there is crime in our public spaces."

Grand larceny jumped 60% in the park this year, and arrests for robbery jumped 73%. A few months ago, Westchester teen Jesse Wasserman was arrested and charged with three counts of armed robbery for a robbery spree in the park. However, more police have been assigned to the park. One police source told A Walk in the Park, "Since [the NYPD] were getting their asses handed to them over the summer, they have stepped up getting out there and dealing with quality-of-life issues. Downtown responded and they flooded the park [with new officers]. It's paying off. The new officers are very much needed. We were really down in numbers."