NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly has the highest approval rating ever recorded for a New York City police commissioner, despite the overall increase in crime last year. According a Quinnipiac University poll, 75% of voters approve of the job Kelly is doing, while 18% disapproved. "Perhaps because of the Newtown massacre or because of the recent announcement that murder in the Big Apple is at an all-time low, or both, New York City voters like their top cop and all their cops even more," polling director Maurice Carroll said in a release.

In an interview with the Times's police bureau chief, NYPD Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne welcomed the good news, but called the poll results "problematic in fanning speculation that he had hoped had been quieted." That "speculation" refers to whether or not Kelly decides to run for mayor, and that yipping sound is a little Chihuahua named Lupica.

Browne also strenuously denied that Kelly and presumptive mayoral candidate Christine Quinn had struck any sort of "deal" (Quinn was booed on Tuesday at a forum in Harlem for saying that the city would be "lucky" if Kelly stayed on as police commissioner).

Mr. Browne was noncommittal when asked whether Mr. Kelly would agree to remain if Ms. Quinn asked him to do so, if she were to become mayor. Mr. Browne paused for several seconds and then, seeming to choose his words carefully, said, “Despite the fact that we ended the year with a record low number of homicides, the nature of policing in this city is fluid and constantly challenging, leaving Commissioner Kelly with little, if any, time for that kind of speculation.”

Mr. Browne added that there had been no discussion between Mr. Kelly and Ms. Quinn on the topic. “The relationship is professional and there is a mutual respect, but it does not extend to political considerations or strategy,” he said. “There has been no deal. No discussion. The subject has never arisen between the two of them.”

White voters approve of Kelly's job 81-14%, black voters 63-27%, and 76-18% among Hispanic voters. Approval for the NYPD overall is at 70-23%, so look forward to more spying, lying, and Big Brother Broken Windows (don't bother protesting but feel free to sue) in Mayor Kelly's next three terms.