NY subway; Photo - NY Daily News

- A man who was charged with slashing a visiting student at the J train platform last year was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Yael Leopold, 21 years old at the time, visiting from out of town, was waiting for a train when Edwin Santiago approached her, asking her if she was a prostitute. The Post reports that when she "laughed the question off," Santiago slashed her. Leopold, now a NYC teacher, testified at the sentecing hearing. Gothamist remembered this story from last year, and the fact that Leopold was at the J platform at 5:30AM. Now, many people need to go to work very early in the morning, but since subways are deserted, try to stay near the token booth (if there's a even a clerk there) or near the turnstiles. This situation upsets us, because it's difficult to say to a boss, who would expect an employee to show up early, "Hey, I can't come in early because my subway is deserted and it's dangerous." Does anyone out there have tips or solutions?

Taxi fare paid; Photo: Getty Images

- The Times reports that a woman was assaulted by her taxi cab driver last week. After taking the woman from East Midtown to Forest Hills at 12:45AM, the driver got into the back seat and sodomized her. The police have released details about the driver (5'7", Pakistani or Indian) in an effort to find him. This reminds Gothamist of something important: Many people take cabs when they are drunk. (We do not know the state the victim of this incident was in, but the crime reminded of us of our precarious situations.) It's a nice thing when a more sober friend can make sure a three-sheets-to-the-wind friend is safely at home, especially considering that finding the keys and summoning the coordination needed to unlock doors may take a while.

Perhaps because New York City is definitely experiencing a great reduction in crime, Gothamist takes these two crime stories to heart, especially since they occur during things we do normally. New York is a great city that is wonderful for having fun, but with that, we need to respect it by being aware and somewhat wary.

Crime Prevention Tips from McGruff the Crime Dog.