2008_05_policelights.jpgFederal drug enforcement agents have arrested eight members of a Queens-based gang suspected of kidnapping and torturing more than 100 people. The men impersonated the police, by way of fake sirens and lights on cars and handcuffs, and managed, per the Post, to "steal $4 million in cash and cocaine with a street value of $20 million."

An assistant U.S. Attorney explained their M.O., "Once the crew finished gathering intelligence on an intended victim, the robbers then impersonated police officers to kidnap the intended victim either in a police-style car stop or in a home invasion."

If the victim didn't have drugs or cash on hand, the gang would torture the victim, like simulating drowning, holding other relatives at gunpoint, or applying "a pair of pliers to the victim's testicles, threatening to squeeze the pliers if the victim did not talk" (Daily News). Another U.S. Attorney called the level of crime and violence "breathtaking."

Most of the crimes took place in NYC, but the gang also preyed out-of-state in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Florida, between 2003 and 2007. The suspects face a minimum of 40 years in jail if convicted.