There are still plenty of cynical New Yorkers who don't believe that alligators roam our city's sewers, biding their time until the humans completely compromise their environment and they can rise up to enact vengeance upon the handbag industry. Well suck on this non-believers: the News reports that assorted alligator limbs were found in Williamsburg near N. 10th Street. Does this mean Brooklyn has its very own Frank Booth targeting alligators?

Three legs were found scattered around the block according to Ricardo Rodrigo, a plant manager at a building across N. 10th Street—but there's no sign of the head and rest of it. “Maybe he ate the rest of it and didn’t like the leg,” Rodrigo said. “Jungle Bob” Smith, owner of Jungle Bob’s Reptile World in Long Island, examined the limbs, and determined that the size of the legs indicate the gator would have been young, only about two to three feet long.

“This is certainly a mutilation situation, and it’s a sick individual who would do that,” Smith told the News. “Down South, people eat gator, they eat the tail part and cut it up to get the meat there. They kill it and chop it up like you would a chicken and often the head is used for weird souvenirs. The skin is used in the (fashion) world for shoes, suitcases and clothes."

But with no pet stores in the area, he was perplexed about the location:
"They’re not something that’s common in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, that’s the part that befuddles me.” If anyone finds a severed ear next, do not investigate it.