Ladies: that guy swiveling his phone on the subway bench across from you may not be playing Xplane Flight Simulator—he could be an "artist." A 42-year-old man calling himself "Zippy" has been posting videos of unsuspecting women as they go about their business on the subway, in some instances aiming his camera up their garments. “I totally understand that many people consider it sorta creepy. It is,” Zippy told the Post, adding that some of the women people on the subway can inspire some to write "sonnets" about them. “I decided to try and capture this common occurrence in one place where people could share and comment in an open and nonjudgmental manner.” Yes, if there's one place to discuss "art" in a nonjudgmental way, it's YouTube's comment section.

Zippy's videos have since been taken down by YouTube for "multiple or severe violations of YouTube's policy on nudity or sexual content," but his Tumblr, New York Subway Girls, still exists. Creepily photographing people on the subway isn't illegal, but is it art? No more than subway masturbators are performance artists. Now THIS is art: