As many people exhaust utilizing all the space possible in their apartments, sometimes the clutter can fill to the hall and other common places. And sure, the apartment building roof might not be sanctioned for barbecues, but no one really minds, do they? But Gothamist thinks that storing a cache of weapons on the roof is pretty ballsy. After Julio Negron shot at another driver during a traffic dispute over the weekend, the police went to arrest Negron. Then his neighbors said people had been trying to get into their buliding via the one next door, leading the police to discover "fake NYPD badges, handguns, a shotgun, BB guns, a semiautomatic rifle, containers of Mace, two bulletproof vests, handcuffs, lots of ammunition and $10,000 in counterfeit cash plus other amounts of genuine U.S. currency" in garbage bags on the roof. The Post reports that Negron and two others were charged with weapons possession; what his landlord will do.