2005_11_shinying.jpgA man described as "troubled" by neighbors stabbed a woman on the sidewalk outside his East 28th Street apartment. Reports say that Shu Ying Ru had been arguing with his building supers when Phyllis Caroccio (on her way to visit her mother) bumped into him. Ru then "slammed her on the back with a mallet and stabbed her in the thigh with a dagger." Steven Rosado, who was reparing a car nearby, used a baseball bat (from his car) and stopped Ru from running away. Ru stabbed him as they were wrestling on the ground, and Ru tried to get away in a cab, but his super stopped him. And then the police came, with guns drawn, according to the Daily News - and all of this at 9:30AM. Caroccio told reporters, "Isn't this 'nice,' what people do to other people?"

Photograph from the Post, which had the caption "Called a psycho" underneath it