2006_09_shooting.JPGTake one knife-wielding SUV driver, suspected of stabbing someone to death in Rhode Island. Take the MTA police, chasing the suspect on Lexington Avenue. Take Monday morning rush hour traffic around 63rd Street. While being chased at around 9AM, the SUV driver crashed into another SUV on East 63rd and hit pedestrians, before driving into a travel office, pinning one of them against a store.

The driver got out and a witness told WABC 7, "He had a knife in his left hand and he was swinging it at the cops, chasing them around his jeep." So the police, after asking him repeatedly to drop the weapon and using pepper spray on him, shot him in the leg and abdomen. WABC 7 also reports that the SUV driver is Joel Noonan, who "allegedly stabbed someone to death Sunday night in East Providence, Rhode Island" and had "made statements to police in East Providence saying he was skilled in martial arts and would never be taken alive."

Seven people were injured. Noonan is in critical condition at Cornell Weill Hospital, most likely under police arrest.