Who knew that people were designing guns that look like cellphones? The NY Post compares it to a James Bond gadget, as the NYPD issued an alert to for police officers to be careful when people go through security at city government buildings. We found a website that has photos of the cellphone gun, and the digital touchpad buttons are the trigger and the antenna is where the gun barrel! The phones are apparently heavier than regular cellphones and they don't light up (they go to all the trouble of masking the gun and they throw in a lousy lighted screen?). The cellphone gun is the equivalent to a .22 pistol, which means nada to us, so here's how the Post puts it in perspective: "Users range from Navy SEALs - who favor the Ruger MKII model - to Mafia assassins, who appreciate the way a .22 round has enough penetrating power to enter someone's skull without exiting, causing maximum brain damage when fired at close range." So, this is the must-have for the gadget-inclined mobster?