2007_02_rangerover.jpgA totally wild carjacking unfolded yesterday across two boroughs. A man stole an orange Range Rover SUV at a Queens car wash, and then tried to run over a cop who stopped him at the Whitestone Bridge in the Bronx. The SUV's owner David Irish had called the police when his car was stolen from the car wash, so authorities were on the look out.

Around 12:15pm, Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority Police Office Chidir Hasanoeddin saw the vehicle waiting to go through the Whitestone's toll plaza, so he approached the car and yelled, "Police! Don't move! Get out of the car!" But instead of doing that, the driver drove towards Hasanoeddin and went over the 2-foot barrier. Hasanoeddin fired three times at the Range Rover, while his partner Officer Greg Verderber fired one round, but the driver got away.

The car was found abandoned in Throgs Neck, the Bronx, with both tires on the driver's side blow out. The Brush Avenue location is reportedly a "favored dumping ground for stolen cars" and residents saw "dozens of assault-rifle-toting officers" as well as police dogs in the area. A police source told the Daily News, "If it was a silver Mercedes or a blue Acura, it would have blended into the background. An orange Range Rover - it doesn't exactly blend."

Neither officer was hurt and the police are still looking for the carjacker. And the NY Times reported that Irish is a "New Yorker who lives near Atlanta but is visiting Queens." Irish said, "All of a sudden I look out the door and see my truck being driven away with the back window still open. I was like, ‘Oh, they just stole my car.’”