Could Shackle Me Elmo—"press his belly and he spews anti-Semitic vitriol!"—be the next big thing? We ask because not everyone was happy in yesterday's beautiful weather—especially not the man dressed as Elmo who had to be taken out of Central Park in an ambulance after going on a disturbing, obscenity-filled rant in the Zoo.

According to authorities help was called after the man, dressed as Elmo, was ejected from the Zoo for pestering tourists and spewing obscenities and then continuing to do so in the park—leading him to be taken for observation. On the plus side, people on Twitter seemed to be more amused than upset?

More disturbing is the fact that this does not seem to be an isolated incident. A quick YouTube search finds that somebody dressed as Elmo has been causing problems in the area quite a bit this year!

Here's one from April ("I work for John Gotti! Fuck You!):

Here's one from May ("SHIIIIT!"):

And here's one from just last week ("Read about the International Jewish conspiracy!"):

This? This is why we were always Grover fans.

Sesame Street representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment.