Trevor Mann, the 26-year-old who reportedly held his 2-month-old son hostage while waving a burning Christmas tree branch over his head, insists that the cops got it all wrong. Cops said he threatened to hurt his son if the police didn't leave, but Mann said from the psychiatric ward at Bellevue Hospital that he told the cops he wasn't going to hurt his son. Mann's girlfriend also blames the infant's injuries on the police. Mann's son suffered a broken arm, and his girlfriend told the Daily News, "[Cops] pulled him out of his arms and broke his arm."

NYPD spokesman Paul Browne countered Mann's claims, saying, "Mann is the one who put the child in jeopardy. The officers saved the youngster. Any injury to the child was Mann's doing." We're more inclined to believe the cops here, because Mann's girlfriend says he is bipolar, and the condition had worsened due to deaths in the family. Mann's cousin, Romona Moore, was raped and murdered in 2003. There was also another recent death, and Mann's twin brother said, "It's a big blow to the family. We are trying to pull through, one day at a time." Mann has been charged with felony assault and arson.