Cursed commuters trying to get home from Manhattan along the A, C, and F lines on Friday night were thwarted by heavy delays and rerouted trains due to multiple incidents at rush hour. Shortly after 5 p.m. a train "with mechanical problems" at High Street in Brooklyn caused a heavy backup along the A and C lines. Some passengers, like Gothamist co-founder and birthday boy Jake Dobkin, said he was stuck for 45 minutes on an A train in the tunnel between Fulton and High Street.

"We had to wrong-rail back to Fulton Street and evacuate through the last car, which I think I’ve only experienced once before in my life in NYC," Dobkin, a native New Yorker who turned "old enough to not give a fuck" today, said. "Happy birthday to me! The whole time we were going back the driver was blaring on the horn, so it felt like a real disaster!"

A train passengers being escorted off a train after being stuck for 45 minutes.

"You've got to be Zen about these things but sometimes I wish we hadn’t spent so much money on those ferries," Dobkin added.

A and C trains were rerouted along the F line, but there were delays there too, due to a track fire at York Street shortly before 5 p.m. The MTA's initial plan to reroute the F over the A line had to be... reevaluated.

And around 6 p.m., the F train problems worsened when a train's emergency brakes were activated at Church Street, causing further delays along the line. The MTA says service is now resuming along the F, with residual delays. As of 6:45 p.m., A and C trains were still being rerouted along the F from West 4th Street to Jay Street; check the NYCTransit Twitter page for updates, and if you're waiting on a platform for a mythical train, might as well familiarize yourself with this weekend's planned service changes.