2008_12_super2.jpgA Bay Ridge super is looking for a new job and place to live after new building owners ousted him following some bad press. The Daily News deemed Richard Martin "the crankiest super in New York" earlier this year after he would leave his building's garbage cans on the roof to teach tenants a lesson about improper sorting. He was also known for the angry signs he would leave up calling residents of the building "morons" and "retarded." (When not making colorful signs, Martin also decorated his door with a poster of infamous DA, now TV's "Judge" Jeanine Pirro.) Some residents stick up for Martin despite his antics as a good super and a nice guy who people like to rile up. Martin blames his firing on the News for painting him in such a bad light that the new owners (of Russian descent) let him go. "Fourteen years, 9-1/2 months. The new landlord figured I was too much trouble. You know, Russian people don't mess around," he told the paper.