The first lawsuit related to the East Village crane mishap has surfaced: The men who owned and operated the yellow cab that was smashed by a crane two week ago are suing the construction company and crane contractor for unspecified damages. On September 29, Chrislorme Paul had been driving a passenger on Third Avenue when an 8,000 pound crane segment at a Toll Brothers construction site fell onto his cab; Paul and the passenger miraculously escaped serious injury. Paul and his brother Brunel Paul (they co-own the cab) say that with the cab hopelessly damaged, they haven't been able to work. Not to mention that they still have to make payments on their medallion, which are very expensive.

The Daily News reports that the Pauls have named Tishman Construction, New York Crane and Broadway Concrete in their suit; in the tradition of passing the buck, Tishman said the contractors are "directly responsible" for the crane - not Tishman. Well, no matter who is at fault, it seems pretty clear that someone should be paying for the Pauls' damages.

Photograph of the cab by selectroclash