Craigslist is the place we turn to when we're in desperate need of football knowledge, when we're trolling for a Lag B'Omer hottie, and when we're searching for our own personal dinosaur. So it stands to reason that if you are still in need of gas, Craigslist may be able to offer more than one way to get to the pump.

Forget gas finder feeds, spreadsheets and apps. It seems a lot of people who have been able to procure gas during this post-Hurricane Sandy gas shortage crisis have taken to Craigslist to make offers no respectable, desperate gentleman or lady could possibly refuse: "Gas4sex- m4w 35 - 6 foor 1 225 Italian workout good looking looking to hang out I have 5 gallons of gas." Humble, "good looking looking," AND he's got too much gas.

Jezebel has a nice roundup of a lot of the offers from over the weekend. Another gassy guy posted an ad with the subject line, "Any ladies in need of gas?", reading: "You help me and I will help you. Send me a sexy pic and contact #." We find it comforting to know that certain dudes can take any situation and turn it into a referendum on their dicks, but not everyone was as charmed as we were: "That's disgusting," 30-year-old teacher Amy Becker told the News outside a BP station in Harlem. "That’s terrible. I don’t care if I was on empty. I would stay empty for a month before I did that." What she probably doesn't know is that the Craigslist gas suitors are already completely empty inside.