After standing by their "erotic services" section in the weeks following the "Craigslist Murder" of Julissa Brisman (pictured), the site has finally caved to pressure and announced that it will shut down the section that is home to many ads for illegal prostitution. Last week the heat on craigslist was turned up when three state's attorney generals (including Connecticut's) asked them to eliminate the section that also made headlines recently for connecting George Weber to alleged teenage murder John Katehis. The site will start a new section for "adult services" at double the advertising fee ($10 now) where each ad will be reviewed by a craigslist employee. In a craigslist blog obtained by the LA Times, a rep for the site wrote, "Unsurprisingly, but completely contrary to some of the sensationalistic journalism we've seen these past few weeks, the record is clear that use of craigslist classifieds is associated with far lower rates of violent crime than print classifieds." Erotic services will close down when the current ads expire in seven days, making a soapy body slide with a local blond one of New York's last offerings.