Gawker has a doozy of a Craigslist rental nightmare. Apparently someone rented an apartment out to America's Next Top Model winner CariDee English (cycle 7) and her boyfriend for two weeks. And two weeks was more than enough time for the couple to make their mark. The tenant shared the e-mail she sent to the pair with Gawker; highlights: "There was fake orange tan dust all over everything: the pillows, the sheets, the towels, the bathmat, the walls, everywhere. The icing on the cake were the short black hairs all over the entire bathroom, as well as an unidentifiable black sludge and lipstick smeared along walls. Fruit flies formed a thick cloud in the kitchen. Band-Aids stuck to the floor...Both puzzling and sickening... I was find a hole in the middle of my living room wall that was made during your stay. Coincidentally it's about the same size as the remote control, which is also broken." Not surprisingly, the tenant is keeping the deposit—it's unclear whether she was tempted to enter the dirtiest apartments in the USA contest. Photo via Four Four