Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has announced a major bust of a Craigslist prostitution ring operating out of Queens. Room Service Entertainment ran their escort service out of Ozone Park and sent women to each of the five boroughs and beyond by advertising on the site's "Erotic Services" section. Today is the first day Craigslist is without their Erotic Services section, after calls from politicians to shut it down led them to replace it with the new staff-monitored "Adult Services" section, the place you can now turn if you're in need of a Shemale Italian Stallionette from State Island.

At the announcement of the bust, Cuomo said, "Until Craigslist gets serious about putting real protections in place, it will continue to be an environment where criminal operations thrive with impunity."His website also explained that Room Service's ads lured in those perhaps just looking to participate in outdoor sports with promises of "skiing" and "rock climbing," which did not actually mean either of those activities, but was actually code for drugs. They also offer GFE or a "girlfriend experience," which was likely quite different than the experience of a long-term, meaningful relationship.

The arrest could mean up to 25 years for the two men accused of running Room Service, Josef Davenport and Scott "Sal" Rosenberg. Also arrested were five female bookers. The Daily News mentions that two of them women went by the names "Nikki" and "Tina." The others went by less seductive names such as "Anna," "Jamie" and "Lisa." Room Service used to also take out ads in the Village Voice, but soon switched all of their business over to Craigslist.