Yesterday, the man suspected of fatally shooting a NYC woman in a Boston hotel appeared in court pleaded not guilty to the murder as well as another robbery of a hooker at a different Boston hotel. Philip Markoff, a SUNY Albany graduated and Boston University med student, was held without bail while his lawyer John Salsberg told reporters that his client "is not guilty of the charges. I have not received any document or report or piece of evidence other than what everybody here heard in the courtroom. So all I have at the moment are words — no proof of anything.”

However, the Suffolk County (Massachusetts) DA Daniel Conley painted a different picture, “What led police to Philip Markoff was tracking his contact with Julissa Brisman via e-mail." Brisman, 26, had advertised massage services in the erotic listings section of Craigslist; she was shot three times, including one in the heart, during her April 14 appointment at the Marriott Copley Place.

Assistant DA Jennifer Hickman says Brisman "put up a fight" before her head was bashed in and her attacker shot her. The Boston Herald reports that Hickman also said an IP address (from the email sent to Brisman) "led cops to Markoff’s Quincy apartment. The e-mail address used to contact Brisman was set up April 13, the day before she was killed." Prosecutors claim Markoff was drawn to women advertising on Craigslist; Conley said, "He chose women, and he chose women who were living somewhat on life's margins, so that he could dominate them, abuse them. He seems to have no problem physically hurting women and dominating them."

One possible motive suggested for Markoff's alleged crimes is to pay off gambling debts, though that angle is still being investigated. When police arrested him on Monday, he and his fiancee were on their way to Foxwoods. Conley said police found a gun, ammunition, duct tape and plastic zip ties (similar to ones that victims were bound in) in his apartment. And, today, ABC News reports, that Markoff "appeared to be collecting women's panties, which investigators believe were 'souvenirs' from his alleged victims... The panties, found during a search of Markoff's house, are one of the reasons investigators believe there could be more victims who have not yet come forward, the sources said." Authorities have asked any possible victim to contact (800) 494-TIPS.

Press descended on the NJ home of Markoff's fiance Megan McAllister. McAllister sent messages to ABC News and the Boston Globe defending her fiance and calling the charges lies. And friends and former classmates of Markoff have been telling media outlets either that they can't believe the allegations or that Markoff had a dark side.