Accused Craigslist killer Philip Markoff allegedly told family members to "forget about him" soon after his arrest last April for the murder of Julissa Brisman. And while they haven't quite abandoned him yet, his loved ones are not quite the cheerleaders they once were when he was first arrested. Yesterday a lawyer for Markoff's fiancee Megan McAllister, who initially was sticking with plans for their August wedding, revealed that she met with Markoff last month and told him that she is moving on, adding "it would be quite a long period of time, if ever, before she saw him again." The lawyer also refused to say if McAllister still believed Markoff was innocent, but that she found emerging details "disturbing" with now cops saying they found four women's panties stuffed in a sock and hidden between this mattress and spring box. A similar reticent tune came from Markoff's lawyer when asked if his family still believed that he was not guilty. He replied, "They're sticking by him."