2006_06_tenner.jpgcraigslist has rolled out the $10 fee per rental listing for brokers, and so far, Craig Newmarks is pleased with how things are going so far:Volume has dropped a lot, quality higher, really good.

As expected, some brokers started posting in owner, and with volunteer help, we've been shooting 'em down. Similar problem in registration fee, but people know that's a low priority source.

Also, I'm finding that most of the problematic brokers have gone away, people who do stuff like posting fee ads in no fee, or who flood the no fee section for big buildings.

I do suspect to see more attempted bait and switch, and am already planning on how to pursue that.

And the craigslist forum debates the merits and demerits endlessly. We thought this examination of some problems - and a response from craiglist - was very interesting.

What do you think of this $10 charge?