Craigslist breaks another story! Last week, in the middle of Labor Day weekend, the Cyclone was taken out of commission. Initially Astroland Park manager Mark Blumenthal told the press that the ride was shut down for basic repairs from a summer of heavy usage. But then an anonymous post appeared on Craigslist giving the real story ("The steel track snapped, the front wheels came off the first car, sparks were flaying on the wooden track."). That got linked on a number of blogs over the week and now the Post is reporting that Craigslist was right. Kind of. The coaster did break down, though probably with far less severity then the description given by the anonymous poster. "It's an old lady, and it requires a lot of maintenance, and the care that they put into this is extraordinary," an Astroland spokesman told the Post.

Gothamist isn't that surprised that the Cyclone would break down (it is 78-years-old and we've always gone on it with the assumption that it might be the last thing ever do) but we are surprised that it took a week to get into the papers.

Photo from bluejake