2006_02_mattresswall.jpgThere's a NY Times article about the insanity of the "underground" rental market - of rooms, illegal sublets, couches - on craiglist, but the real star of the story is the mattress half-assedly balanced in an interior above-the-door window frame that was renting for $35. Some Pratt architecture students, perhaps a bit imbibed, decided to put a mattress up there and decided to see if anyone would rent it out and to see what wackiness would ensue. Gothamist can't decide if this is amusing or just the line to push us over the edge into crotchety old man-dom, where we shake our heads at the insanity of youth but it's probably just our sciatica speaking. But what's next for craiglist - selling the honor of flushing a dead goldfish down a toilet?

A couple people responded to the ad, which makes Gothamist wonder if the architecture students had them signer waivers in case they fell out of the wall. But the really funny thing would be for the Times to follow up and see if their landlord saw the article.

Photograph from the NY Times