The Nicholas Roerich Museum on West 107th Street near Riverside Drive has been robbed of two of its artworks (whilst the fat cats at the Guggenheim have people trying to give them art!). The Russian masterpieces were swiped off the walls at separate times, without anyone witnessing the act. The NY Post reports that a police officer first noticed a missing work when he was visiting on June 24th, seeing a label on the wall with no painting above it. Turns out it was a $20,000 sketch by Russian artist Roerich, circa the 1930s. Four days later an employee noticed another work went missing in the same hallway, this time a 70,000 painting. The paper reports that the NYPD has "few clues in the thefts, and surveillance video of the hallway has yielded little information." With an average of 25 visitors a day, could this be an inside job?