Possibly sounding even more of a death knell in Brooklyn than the invasion of hipsters or an Ikea, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz has invited Cracker Barrel representatives to look at the biggest borough as a possible venue for a new restaurant. Of course, the Southern chain's history of discriminating against, oh, blacks, women, gays and lesbians, has some city politicians up in arms: City Councilman Charles Barron tells the Daily News (who points out that Barron is a former Black Panther), "Is Marty out of his mind? That's ridiculous! I think it's insulting to our community that he would open his arms and take them on a tour without even consulting us. Does he know their reputation? Does he know their history?" Markowitz, slightly nonplussed, said, "I didn't know about their past; I've never been in a Cracker Barrel. I've already called and invited them. I can't now pick up the phone and say, 'Go, get out of here.'" This sounds like an awesome glimpse into what goes on in Borough President's offices: Cold calling companies to visit without researching them thoroughly.

Have you ever eaten at Cracker Barrel? Gothamist thinks we've had some of their cheese at a NJ mall in the 80s (an auspicious introduction to port cheese balls). The Daily News also posted these statistics: Cracker Barrel served 114 million slices of bacon, 127 million eggs and 18 million orders of chicken and dumplings. If there's an IHOP in Harlem, well, there very well might be a Cracker Barrel on Flatbush.