Coyotes have slowly been taking over New York City the last few years, possibly in preparation for an I Am Legend type of empty city in a radiation-scarred future. But the government is not quite ready to cede the city to nature yet, as the Port Authority announced that a family of coyotes repeatedly spotted around LaGuardia Airport and Rikers Island will be trapped and killed.

The LaGuardia coyotes were first seen last April, and even though they appear to be the first living creatures to actually enjoy their time at LaGuardia, their days are numbered. The Port Authority announced in a statement that "repeated efforts to force the coyotes to leave the area have not succeeded," so they'll be put down by agents from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, according to NBC.

A coyote advocate told the Daily News that killing the family wasn't necessary, and that they weren't acting aggressively towards humans. However, the tabloid also noted that employees at nearby graveyards had been feeding the coyotes.

Also, Astoria residents told Fox5 that after the pack surrounded a Department of Environmental Protection employee, they could no longer feed stray cats in an industrial part of the neighborhood, because the cats and the food they left out attracted the coyotes. Whether this aggressive act by the Port Authority will be met with a similar show of force by the state's coyote population is unknown, but watch these nature documentaries on best practices to deal with a coyote just in case.