It's been one day since the fugitive coyote landed in the hands of The Man after a daring dodge down the West Side Highway's bike lane. Where is she now? (Yep, its a girl!)

According to the Daily News, after she was hit with a tranquilizer dart in a parking lot on Watts Street, the one year old was transported to Animal Care & Control's headquarters where she was given a rabies shot. Reportedly in good health, she'll be released back into the wild—to a location that's yet to be determined.

Now, what about all those other coyotes lurking in Gotham's shadows? We've asked the Parks Department for an update on this tribe of wild animals, but they have been suspiciously quiet.

Meanwhile, Daily Mail has some amazing photos of the coyote's run through Manhattan, and reminds us that in 1998, a statue was put up at Van Cortlandt Park in honor of "the first confirmed coyote sighting in New York City since 1946."