Coyotes, once considered a novel sight in the city, are everywhere now! Even at LaGuardia, where no living entity has ever voluntarily stepped foot! Where are coyotes? Where aren't coyotes, amirite?

Port Authority said the misguided beast was found preparing to board its flight near 82nd Street and Ditmars Boulevard early this morning, though it apparently thought better of it and disappeared into nearby Elmjack Field instead. Good choice, dog.

As mentioned, coyotes are proliferating like rats around the city these days: They're chilling on Middle Village porches, on top of LIC bars, moving out to New Jersey, and have taken over the Upper West Side altogether. Here are some good tips from the state's Department of Environmental Conservation on what to do if you see a coyote lurking near your home or on your favorite bar. will. It's only a matter of time.

Ooh, is that a coyote curled up under your desk?