A coyote who could not wait one more second for the start of rooftop bar season got stuck on the roof of a Long Island City bar yesterday where, upon finding no Brooklyn Lager on draft, he spent several hours wandering around.

The coyote was spotted yesterday morning atop LIC Bar on Vernon Boulevard. "It looked well fed, it wasn’t a scrawny thing," bar owner Brian Porter told LIC Post.

Nearby cops reportedly called Animal Control and a veterinarian attempted to take a look at the animal, but none were successful in scaring the thirsty guy off. In fact, the coyote managed to evade two cops and escape into a neighboring abandoned building. "He's still at large," Porter told the Daily News.

The city's seen a spate of roaming coyotes recently, including one fellow who's been terrorizing Steven Spielberg's sister in Riverdale and another on hunt for an elusive non-fratty drinking hole in the East Village.