2006_04_vcpark.jpgSpringtime must be coyote time: There's another coyote in the news, but this time in the Bronx. A coyote has been spotted at Van Cortlandt Park, and is now duly named "Jacob," after Jacob Van Cortlandt (if it's a girl, she'll be "Vannie," not Cortney). Parks officials want Van Cortlandt Park visitors to be on alert, as coyotes are interested in eating small animals, even turkeys! A coyote in Van Cortlandt Park makes more sense, as it's right near Westchester County - it's still a mystery how Hal managed to find his way to Central Park last month.

There's a spring wildflowers hike in Van Cortlandt Park on April 29. We went on a school tour of the Van Cortlandt House Museum when we were little, we think. And there used to be buffalo in the park!