Police in New Jersey say a 20-pound pug was snatched up by a wild coyote! According to the Daily Record, the dog's owner witnessed her furry friend get napped on October 6th.

The woman (who lives in a gated neighborhood) heard barking after letting her pug out around 8 p.m. that night, an officer says "she went back out there and saw the pug in the coyote's mouth. She tried to scare the coyote away, but it took the pug with him." Neither the dog or coyote have been located.

The town, Kinnelon, is about 40 minutes outside of the city, and officials say there have been plenty of coyotes spotted there, and just as many reports of missing cats and other small pets. This year New York City has also had plenty of coyote sightings—after all, they have a 60% chance of survival in urban areas (and only 30% in the wild). Police in Kinnelon have this advice: "Use common sense, especially at nighttime. Don't let your animals out alone, especially if they're smaller animals. If you hear howling, don't let them out." (That especially goes for those walking a dog in Central Park.)