[UPDATE BELOW] Just around 11 a.m. we got word that the coyote was running down the West Side Highway's bike path with aviation following his every move. Just moments later the newswire alerted us that the coyote had been cornered in a nearby parking garage around Canal Street, where authorities managed to tranquilize him. We await footage, but above is our mock up of what the incident most likely looked like. We've also contacted the aptly named Wiley Norvell at Transportation Alternatives and will update when we get his comment on this latest threat to bike lanes.

UPDATE: Norvell tells us, “I’ve said it a million times, ‘Coyotes don’t kill people. Cars kill people.’ When less than 5% of traffic fatalities in NYC are coyote-related, I am shocked and outraged to see a harmless coyote so unduly harassed.”

UPDATE II:MyFoxNY has some footage of the coyote's capture. He has since been transported to the Manhattan Animal Care & Control on the Upper East Side.