Whenever we hear anything go bump in the night we instinctively slide down under the covers and hide breathlessly until dawn. Not because we're paralyzed with fear, mind you, but because this is a time-honored technique that has helped us to survive countless monster attacks and alien abductions. And it even works as a defense against prowlers, as Bushwick resident Katherine Garcia proved Sunday morning.

Gacia, 23, was awoken in her bedroom in her ground floor apartment around 5:15 a.m., when she heard the sounds of an intruder. She tells the Post she peeked out from her bed and saw a man "holding my iPad in one hand and a knife in the other." This is why we always sleep cradling our iPads in both arms. But at least Garcia had her cell phone in bed with her, thus enabling her to slide down under the covers and discreetly call 911.

Police say ex-con Carlos Lopez, 37, and Derney Garcia, 47, were arrested; the latter thief, who is not related to our bed-hiding hero, reportedly used to clean Garcia's apartment. When cops arrived, Lopez almost evaded arrest by running off with two garbage bags filled with stolen items, but Katherine Garcia says she "chased him down and grabbed him by the shirt." We would advise against doing this to someone brandishing a knife, but then again, he did have her iPad.