With Manhattan set to become one giant pincushion at last, the skyscrapers have set their sights on Brooklyn, and a 73-story monster is expected to tower above Downtown Brooklyn in the near-ish future. Brooklyn is over! New York is dead! No more sunlight ever! Real estate expensive! Buildings tall! Where is Omaha, do they have Chipotle there?

The Times reported today that two developers—JDS Development Group and the Chetrit Group—have submitted proposals for a 1,066-foot-tall tower at 9 DeKalb Avenue, right by Junior's Restaurant and two crappy Planet Fitness outposts. Brooklyn was lost to condos long ago, but right now the tallest building in the borough is the development at 333 Schermerhorn Street, which is only 610 feet.

This new development, meanwhile, will be taller than the 1,046-foot-tall Chrysler Building, which is indeed a marked change for the area. It's expected to house residential apartments for hundreds of doomed Brooklynites, and 20 percent of the units will be "affordable," per the rules of the now-defunct 421-a program that was still in existence when the developers applied last year.

The developers still have to get plans approved by City Council, since they're taking over the landmarked Brooklyn Dime Savings Bank, which will be incorporated into the plans. Still, if and when the project's approved, it'll be...something. “Brooklyn has redefined itself, in terms of the kinds of housing it can support,” Jonathan Miller, president of the appraisal firm Miller Samuel, told the Times. “This project, I’d almost think of it as a part of downtown Manhattan.” Super! When are we getting our own Saudi billionaires?